Computer virus is the agent, which disturbs the settings and information of your system. Your system does not follow the commands. In addition system freeze, slow response, dead web browser, slow boot time, and antivirus program not working are common issues you come across. This is a very problematic situation, I can understand. However, there is always a way to solve the problem. To solve the issue, you must know that virus attacks Windows registry and starts making duplicates. Therefore, clean it with the help of Windows 7 registry cleaner.

In addition, you can remove virus manually from the registry by the following steps:

Run A Complete Scan:

Run a good security program to detect the virus in the system. Moreover, delete the virus files that are detected. However, if your antivirus program does not run in normal Windows, then you need to boot in safe mode.

1. Restart Computer

2. Press f8 repeatedly

3. Select Safe Mode from the Boot Menu options

4. Once Windows is launched, run Antivirus program

5. Complete Scan your System

Clean Windows Registry:

Download and install a free registry cleaner, it will clean registry from errors and expected threats. Free cleaner will help you to optimize registry automatically. In addition, you do not need to be an expert for this program. A good cleaner will clean entire registry quickly without any threat.


Free Registry From Viruses (Manually):

It is recommended to remove the virus from registry manually. Moreover, you need to create a backup of the registry. Because, any wrong attempt may lead to panic disturbance in the system. For this, follow the procedure:

1. Press Windows key + R

2. Type “regedit

3. Press Enter

4. “Registry Editor” Window will pop up

Note: you need to be logged in as Administrator

5. Click the first Hive (folder) on the left pane


6. Subfolders will be displayed

7. Click on each folder (one at a time)

8. It will display the keys in the right pane

9. Find the keys that do not belong in the registry

10. Right click them and select Delete to remove

11. Repeat this action through entire Registry (Hives> irrelevant keys).

12. Once you are done with every hive and keys, Restart your System.

13. The infected keys will be permanently deleted from the Registry.

14. Now Registry is clean